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A clear span metal building refers to a structure that has no internal supports. The roof of a clear span building rests solely on the walls for support.

A lack of internal beams or posts to support the roof means maximum open space within the structure. This alsomeans the walls of the building require heavier material and construction.

Clear span buildings are useful in many different modes, from storage to active use. They are versatile in their construction options, durable, and the ideal structure if you require lots of open floor space.

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Florence Clear Span Buildings

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The great strength of a clear span metal building is the wide-open space it affords within, and the flexibility of portal designs which potentially allow large items like planes or farm equipment in and out easily. Some of the most common uses of clear-span metal structures are:

  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Agricultural EquipmentStorage
  • Warehouses
  • Carports
  • Gymnasiums
  • Art Studios
  • Retail Stores

The range of functions for these structures is limited only by your imagination. If you’re thinking of a unique way you could make use of all that floor space, contact us today to get started on a free quote.

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Clear Span Structures for Sale

40x35x16 Airplane Hanger Clear Span Building

40'x35'x16' Clear Span Buildings

40’ x 35’ Clear Span Buildings features 16’ leg height, roll up doors, windows, walk in door, and a vertical roof.
Starting at : $35,000
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing & RTO Available

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Advantages of Clear Span Structures

Here are some of the benefits of clear span metal structures.

Wide Open Floor Space

The main selling point, by definition, is aclear-span building that affords more open space than any other building type. If having room is your main priority, then a clear-span structure is your only choice.


Clear span metal buildings can be outfitted with special roofs which protect the entire structure from the weather. Vertical panels are our most durable and reliable option, but horizontal or regular roofs could be right for your needs.

Easy Maintenance

Clear span metal structures are constructed from heavy and durable steel. This makes it a breeze to clean up — mother nature will take care of the outside for you with rain.All you need to do is maintain the inside with a hose once in a while. There are also very few hidden crevasses to hide in, meaning rodent or bug infestations are unlikely to develop.


You may build your free span metal building with one use in mind and discover many more years after it’s complete. From aircraft storage to dance studios, there are as many uses for clear-span metal buildings as one can imagine.

Cheaper Than Buildings with Supports

A lack of internal structures means the building is essentially four walls and a roof. Fewermaterials and labor are why clear span structures cost less than similarly sized internally supported buildings.

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Customizing Clean Span Steel Structures

Roof styles for metal buildings in Florence Arizona

Many clear-span metal buildings are “pre-engineered,” meaning they are already designed, and we simply create the materials required to construct them. However, within these pre-constructed designs, there are some important customization options that our staff will happily walk you through.

  • Roof Style: We offer three different roofing styles, each appropriate and durable under different kinds of weather: A-frame roofs (also known as boxed-eave roofs) with horizontal or vertical panels, or a regular roof (like a barn roof with no eaves). Our most versatile option is the vertical panel, which will resist any weather type for decades to come.
  • Installation Surface: Just let us know if we’re installing on concrete, asphalt, gravel, or dirt. We’ll take care of the rest.
  • Dimensions: Choose from one of our pre-engineered structures or design your own according to the use you have in mind. We’ll take a look at your requirements and generate a price quote within a few days.
  • Doors, Windows, Frameouts: Take advantage of the huge interior space by installing an equally large portal or keep your doors and windows small and standard. Either way, we can help.
  • Colors: We have fourteen different color options for your roof and trim. Contact us to see color samples in person before making your final choice.
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Key Benefits of a Steel Building

A metal building is a worthy investment with several benefits. Here are six reasons why you should consider a metal building for your next project:

  • Durable: Compared to wood buildings, a metal building will require little to no repairs. It will not warp like from rain or other outside elements and will stand up much better against pests such as termites. Since it will require little maintenance, it will also keep its value over time.
  • Versatile: Metal buildings can be used for many purposes, such as for storage, car protection, workshop, and much more. You can originally have your shed built as storage for your garden tools and then easily transform it into a workspace for your hobbies.
  • Customizable: Metal buildings offer plenty of customization options. It is easier than ever to build your custom steel building with us at Dayton Barns & All-Steel Buildings.
  • Fire resistant: Protect your assets with a metal building, which does not burn as easily as a wooden building due to metal’s melting temperature being much higher than wood.
  • Energy efficient: You can easily cut down your energy bill and save money with a well-insulated metal building.
  • Eco-friendly: Metal buildings mean fewer trees cut down, which makes them environmentally friendlier than wood
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Different Types of Metal Buildings

A metal building is a smart and advantageous investment. A few examples of the custom metal buildings we sell include:

Steel Garages

According to Garage Living, a new vehicle averages $35,000 in costs, making it an investment you will want to protect from potential thieves and dangerous weather that result in cosmetic damage.

A steel garage is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from thieves or outside elements such as rain, snow, and hail. Hail damage often leads to hail loss claims, but not every car insurance will cover weather damage. A steel garage can also save you the headache of having to file a claim in the first place since it can protect you from weather-related damage.

In addition to protecting your vehicle, a steel garage is also a good place to keep extra storage.

Metal Carports

A metal carport is another excellent choice for protecting your vehicle or storing farm equipment such as a tractor. Protect your car or other expensive equipment with a carport, which will provide cover from outside elements such as rain, snow, and sun.

Metal Sheds

What can you not do with a shed? A metal shed can make an excellent workshop for your hobbies, an imaginative playhouse for the kids, or extra storage for junk that usually hangs around the yard or has no clear place in the house. The imagination is the limit when it comes to a metal shed and the purpose you will give to it.

Metal Barn

Need someplace to keep your cattle, chickens, or horses? Or do you need someplace tostore your farm equipment safely? Look no further than a metal barn. We can build a metal barn customized to your needs.

Commercial Projects

Do you need an office building? A factory or warehouse? Then we have the solution for you. There is no project too big or too small for our business.