Yes, you can complete your entire order online. You can begin your order by getting a free quote here.

Once you order, we’ll have your metal building done in less than 4 weeks.
Yes. Our barns are completely customizable.
Yes, in addition to online ordering, you can call us at 937-741-7200 to speak to one of our professional representatives.
Yes, we can build on any site at your request. There is a 15% upcharge on the base cost of your unit to offset the cost of our labor. If you’re looking to have us build on site, ask about our no-paint option as well.
This is completely your choice. The main reason people choose to have these is cosmetic.
Your barn will be complete within about 4 weeks after we receive your order.
We don’t charge early payment fees. Pay on your schedule or pay the barn off anytime it makes sense for you to do so.
All of our display units are unlocked. Feel free to drop by anytime and take a look inside our units. There are brochures inside each barn to help you decide which might be best for you.
We do not run credit checks for rent-to-own payment plans. We do collect your social security number as part of the process, but we will not use this for a credit check.
We currently do not perform this service.

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