Lean-Tos on the Eave Side:

Enhance your building with a stylish “lean-to” along the eave side, also known as a “porch,” “overhang,” or “open cover.” Our lean-tos come standard at 12′ width, and anything smaller is priced at this standard width. To determine the cost, price the frame based on the length and width of the lean-to, consider the leg height, and add a connection fee. Gable ends and enclosure options are available, with pricing details conveniently outlined on our price sheets.

20x25x10 Metal Steel Barn with Lean-To Addition and Storage

Lean-Tos & Overhangs on the Gable End:

For those seeking a lean-to on the gable end, our pricing process remains straightforward, with the only exception being the “end-to-end connection fee,” which reflects the unique structural considerations of this configuration. Additionally, if you desire an overhang on the front gable end, we’ve got you covered. While it might seem like a lean-to, pricing for this distinctive structure involves quoting the total frame size of the entire structure, providing flexibility for your specific design preferences.

Discover the versatility of lean-to additions and overhangs, allowing you to personalize your building to meet your unique needs. Contact us today for expert guidance on pricing structures beyond the standard 12′ width or for any specific customization inquiries.

Single Car Garage Made of Metal with a Lean-To Addition